getting to know us | 'little story behind the name


So I wanna tell you a story... 

As a child story time was my ABSOLUTE favorite time of, day, night, school or class. As an extreme avid reader, and writer, add on introvert, words where the only way I could often express myself fully. Story telling also came naturally, and many short stories can attribute to the funny little adventures that life has allowed me.

So the story goes like this...

When I decided I wanted to do this as my life passion, I did so under my given name. But as much as I love my name(thanks mom and dad for being kind & not scaring me for life) it never...clicked? Jived? Worked? Nah it just wasn't...right.

As my little hobby turned passion turned professional business grew, it need a "callin'".

All my life I have been given a multitude of nicknames blessed upon me due to a rather rare hair color. That of a many shades of Red. Everything from Anne, to Big Red. And everything in between.

But a rather loved one of mine, and used by myself was Copper Top. My hair collects heat from this Florida sun like conductive wire, and the color has always pulled a more copper hue. So it always fit.

& tada. It fit. 

Copper expresses a childhood of adventure, my much loved hair colure & a beloved nickname. It expressed one defining attribute about me,

So The Company?

I have always been one of three, always shared & always been together. So making this "company" not only allowed my sisters a deserved place within, but also an endless with out borders ability to expand as family, company, skills & talents grew.   

It's not fancy, not hilarious but its simple. And its real, I remember the exact moment sitting in a circle on my bed with my sisters, with papers scattered around as we first wrote out Copper & Co. on a piece of graph paper & the excited silence fell over us as we all smiled at one another & just knew deep within. This.was.right.


Ever Upward & Onwards my Dears,

Ashley Watson

Founder/Passion Creator/Moment Capturer