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We all have these. Little insignificant to others, milestones in life, either personal or work, physical or emotional. Doesn't matter really what they are. They are important to you. And THAT is what matters. They keep us going, at least they do me. These tiny important little things I would like to do, that hold a value or just a small sense of "I can't believe I did/made it".

And I reached one. Yesterday. At like 11:38 pm. 

Dead tired, just got home after a hour and half drive I commute every Tuesday. 

Not gonna lie, not in the best mood. It had been one of those off the A game, nothing going the way it was suppose to kinda days. Im sure you know what i'm talking about. 

I also have ZERO phone signal half of this drive, which cuts the spotify/apple music/pandora off, and we all know that if you listen to the radio for a hour and half, especially on a Tuesday night your gonna hear a lot of repeated songs....on every channel!!!!!

So in silence most of this ride. Overthinking. TEARING up my inner sense of self worth, and then building it back again. Over brainstorming. Vicious cycle #introvertedinfgproblems

Get home, and the phone, who all in one has become my best friend and worst enemy of all time(it never leaves me be, which is good...and bad) springs to life as its lifeline of signal is resumed.

I try to keep work, work, and life well normal life...separate. Being self employed for 5 years, def makes it hard as the lines are super easily blurred. So usually at 11:30pm I will ignore and put off till work hours next day whatever is on the screen. 

But a quick scan down the screen at the top caught my eye. For this moment I am grateful...for the way the IG runs these days, I would have never known nor seen this. Maybe ever, or least not until days upon days later.

It was, my little milestone.

A page I follow and am rather invested in the community has chosen a photo to feature that night. MY PHOTOGRAPH....

WHAT!?!? WHY?(it wasn't even that good, I mean really honestly what the heck?!)

Im sure most of you are rolling your eyes right now, thats okay, really it is! I get that to you thats no big deal, to me2,3,4, 5 years ago, that would have meant nothing.

But today, to me, it does. 

Numbers don't matter community and recognition and appreciation of hard work matter. Yes this was by far the biggest account my work had ever been chosen for. That doesn't matter. Its the fact that the people behind this amazing company, and its viewers, other hardworking normal individuals had felt my stupid little insignificant picture worthy of representing something they believe in. As fellow creators. As a community.

And that my friends, means the world to me. 

You all mean that, and more to me, and everyday this dream and venture is supported by people like you all. A pat on the back goes a long way, and a thank you means that and more in this world we live today. So take a moment, pay it forward. "Pat on the back" a fellow creator, or small business owner whom you are proud of today. They deserve it, they work DOG hard to make a dream and a life for themselves. And they have little milestones too, and maybe you will help them reach it today. Wouldn't that be grand?

Ever Upwards and Onwards



Fellow creators who I know work just as dog hard as I do and then some, and I am proud & pat them on the back pretty much everyday. 








@igotshotbymarie (this poor gal was just in a super bad car accident, broken bones and all, our love is sent to her in prayer everyday)


Just to name a few, pay it forward guys!

The featured photograph: mastin labs, fuji400h, 35mm 1.4

The featured photograph: mastin labs, fuji400h, 35mm 1.4