copper + collective | company growth


Never would we have expected the amount of growing pains we would experience in our first year. Its been quite a ride.

And to those of you who have watched us grow, we love you like our family we didn't know we had. You mean the world to us, and we want to say thank you. 

So today we are honorary celebrating a very late and overdue happy 1st year anniversary Copper + Co.! Yay!!!! The changes since the beginning, man I don't even know where to start, the list runs off the page. Since the moment we started dreaming, to this day today we are constantly growing and taking in new avenues. We want to make this the best we can. Its by no means easy. As soon as we think we have a handle on all things with in the Collective, nope, the world spins around once more and a new outlet or platform emerges and we charge forward every day to keep up.

So progress can be painfully slow. Thats hard. 

But never will we stop. We want to offer the best we can. No matter what!

So we open these new avenues to you.

Films- Copper + Co. Collective-Super exciting launch of this platform has been long coming and being patient has been tough. But to be where we are at last is a wonderful feeling. In time we hope to have that running smoothly and you will hear more about it as we move forward.

Prints-Just as exciting and fast pace is the world of prints. Thanks to our recent partnership with several printing platforms we now offer a full printing service, not only to our client shoots, but also the general public. This section will grow as our literally 1000's of landscapes slowing make their way to the public. Again....we love y'all for your patience with us as we add to this growing avenue weekly. 

Website-Yes its changed greatly since day one! it now loads perfectly on all platforms, and is able to handle the high res images we have stored within it. All our shoots shown are not loaded yet, as mass editing going through Lightroom, Photoshop and Elements, along with a few other avenues is being done as we speak. We hope to have them running by the end of August this year. 

Education- We all within the Company believe in endless learning. Many of us have gained additions to our knowledge and we are constantly learning. It's been fun. We love the intake of endless new knowledge, people and inspiration. Thank you to all who have taught us much this past year. 

Investments- We figured you would like to know what you get when you decide to join us in our journey & having us be there with you for big days. These are by no means all we offer, rather a generalization of what we do. We will add services, take some away. But we know the question is always about $, and we want you to have the answers. 

Our Ever Growing Collective- We love family and we have grown! You will get to meet them all soon in an exciting way!

We love to hear from you all! Send us a comment, give us a like! or just say HI!! 

See you all sooner then later!

Ashley Watson

Founder/ Head Photographer