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So Commences The Blog

Ah the blog. Blogging. Blogger.

Why, you may ask, do we find the need to do this thing-BLOG?

See how first out of the gate and already taking on more than she can chew. This is gonna be an interesting run.

 Honestly, I'm not going to attempt to explain this. Not going to try to explain some of our needs to scribble down what we observe, see, find helpful… or our love to share. Because the answer is so astronomically large and varied that the internet as we know it just isn’t ready for that kind of earth shattering information. 

We all have a reason, and to each insightful blogger, that reason is important and specific and fuels this passion/hobby/career. And that's enough. End of story.

  But, this leads to an onslaught of other questions. So why, you ask, did I receive this job? How does the saying go, if no one volunteers, guess who gets to do it? I think I technically just made that saying up. Anyways. Will I succeed at this job? Who knows (probably not-oh how many daily diaries have crashed and burned in my lifetime). But, with this I am rather determined, not only because it is now my job, but this should be good for me right?! Step out of comfort zone and maybe learn something. Needless to say, I will give it my best shot. And there are many more questions you're probably running through your mental process right now. But hey, we have 365 days a year. DISCLOSURE: This in no way means I will be blogging all 365 days, 'cause come on now, let's be realistic here. Is that even humanly possible, and you the lovely reader not get sick and tired of me by day 3? I think not!

   So now, I will ask you to forgive, in advance, as my best shot includes: randomness (at its finest), fragmented sentences, misuse of proper and improper english, too many parentheses, my crew's odd humor, use of the wrong there, their and they’re, misspelling and bad, if any, punctuation (I have this dislike for one period sometimes, random I know, I warned you) at all. (Gasp! a single period, annddd more parentheses) So, we ask you to join us as we stumble along this unbeaten path towards, at this moment, an unknown destination. But, since I could remember, exploring the unknown is what we were raised to do. That was that. You faced the adventure and made it through with your hope and imagination as best you could. So, if you can see through the minefield of errors, which I realize is asking a lot, and find this somewhat enjoyable, humorous or maybe even helpful, then I am overjoyed to welcome you to Copper & Co.! My band of misfits, who I lovingly call the “crew”, in this blog and the Co. in this operation are excited as we start this new venture. Call us dreamers and bound to be disappointed, but that's ok. You never know what can happen until you take those scary first few steps to make a dream a reality. You learn courage. And who can't use a little more courage?

                                                                         Ever Onward & Upwards,

                                                                            Yours, Ashley