richter family | 1st year pictures + loads of park fun

Baby Blues + Infectious Smile = Perfect Family Session

At the kick off of our fall season, Kristen and Brice approached us wondering if they thought we could handle a one year olds energy and truly capture their little daughters truly happy personality.

And we said ABSOLUTELY!

Both of us ( Mel + me) had both at one time or another either baby sat, and myself had even been a nanny for about two years. So little ones don't scare us! If anything family sessions rank high in some of absolute favorite things to shoot. The variety of the love and fun coupled with the low stress of these shoots usually end up with me and the girls running through fields, blowing bubbles until we have no air, hide and go seek, flying kites, and singing "Let it GO" at the top of out lungs. 

Needless to say, you could say we have a blast.  

Little Aria was no exception! Here adorable giggles, to her baby blues, just all the heart eyes guys. We had a blast running through the park and enjoying the lovely weather. We all explored an old wooden park, and the main attraction of the swings( always a hit, who doesn't love swings). And a nice picnic with some fave foods, and her little kitty! Lots of love for mommy and daddy reflected in her little face, and it was mirrored perfectly in theirs. Little ones grow up so fast and it was a honor for us to be able to capture her at this precious age.

Kristen + Brice have been long time acquaintances, and now we like to consider them good friends. They sent us a lovely gift and review( as we have been compiling them for this grand new launch of ours). And they truly touched us with both. We are excited to work with them again soon, and we hope you guys enjoy the mini gallery below. If you would like to see their full gallery it will be linked!

See you all next week!

Ever Upwards and Onwards


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