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Change can be hard. But we just find it plain exciting! and 2017 is all about CHANGE.

In this post we will release and reannounce all the new information that we released in our live stream we hosted! 

In case you missed the live stream we also vlogged it. We will link it below. Be sure to watch it if you wanna see us live and in the flesh instead of just online personas! Get to know us. And if your a watcher not a reader all the info below will be covered there!

It's a new year and we all have been over here working busily behind the scenes preparing for this big day.

And guys.... its going to big a REALLY BIG YEAR. We are so thankful to all our past, current and feature clients who have allowed this to flourish. We are excited to state that we have decided to continue the business full force this year as we are now past our "goal trail time" we had originally set for it. 

In the words of a friend "the big leagues now!" And guys honestly truly we can't be more thankful and gracious to be here.

Your probably noticing a major major face lift. We never had the time to sit down and properly renovate our home base to suit our needs this past year, so we made it a mission statement that by Jan 1. 2017. We.Would.Be.Ready!

So the quick run down of all our exciting new launches for the 2017 year goes like this:

  • We have a new company member, we are super excited to introduce to you all Jose (jump on over to the meet us page off of our home page to see more about him or just click HERE), who is our second shot videographer. But even more exciting is his special skill he brings to our collective. That of a very skilled drone operator. 
  • On that note: we are very excited to introduce starting out Jan 1. 2017. wedding packages booked thus forward will include a introductory offer of a minute and half video of both ground and aerial coverage. THIS IS A LIMITED TIME OFFER.
  • So basically videos, real deal, big bad, videos are going to be a fun step forward for us in this upcoming winter/spring season. I mean the cameras alone for this, including the drone( its very cool) are enough for us to be excited about! If you would like to see some of the footage already shot by this equipment be sure to head over to our films page HERE and see it under featured and aerial tabs. 
  • New Blog content will be released EVERY WEDNESDAY! So we will have something new for you all every week, so be sure to subscribe!
  • Company members have been reassigned new positions! Mel has been moved into head cinematographer! And Tif into second shot! She graduated her photography classes with flying colors and so much knowledge(gesh) and has already proved her self many many times. Exciting stuff ya'll.
  • The obvious new website, full galleries, facts page, reviews page, meet us page, MEET US VIDOES ( super exciting addition as well) subscribe bar, events page, company moto, 2017 goals, meaning behind our name and brand and anything else you notice that is new, added or improved!
  • BY THE WAY! PLEASEEEEEEE tell us what you think of our redo and updates! Comment below we would love to know! 
  • 2017 winter/spring mission + theme statement "It's the simple things" we have already reflected this meaning in many of our photos and work thus far but look out for a complete blog write up of why this statement holds such an importance in our hearts this year.
  • OUR NEW LOGO! So excited as I worked along two close fellow creatives as we created all the types, fonts, multiple logos, stamps and additional imagery you see here used on the sight. I even got pretty nifty with the whole photoshop stuff(blood sweat and tears guys). We wanted the branding and imagery behind the website to reflect us, who we are, the people who come to us, who join our family and the essence of our work to be throughout every single page of all our send out guides, price collections, and websites! We really really love it and we hope you enjoy it too.
  • OUR NEW IG NAME. Whyyyy you may ask. Guys. This may seem super profectionist of us. But the name is Copper + Co. Not Copper and Company. No more " Hey we know you, your copper and company" no more business checks being made payable to copper and company and being returned. The business license says Copper and Co. Best for all of us if we change the Ig name to STOP THE ERROR PAPERWORK MADNESS! NEW NAME IS COPPERANDCOPHOTO, tata company! Yes we know every single photography company adds photo to the end( and not photography, thats because a lot people forget the amount of vowels in photography and miss spell it). Yes we know its been done. Yes we know it rhymes. If it wasn't causing such a legal and paperwork issue we wouldn't change it. But its hindering our businesses side of everything. We have to work more efficiently, not harder! 
  • Our new 1st of the month live chats. Should we or shouldn't we? First of the month? First Sunday of the month? Chat with us? Q + A? Tips and Tricks? Updates? Let us know.

Thats all we have for now guys. So bring it on 2017

image by Cristina Leis Calligraphy

image by Cristina Leis Calligraphy