Harley | Rainy Forgotten Farm Adventure | Blueridge Mountains, Spartanburg, SC


It was a pleasure to travel to the base of the blue ridge mountains a few months ago to capture her senior portraits, and what a day we had! On a super time crunch(I was leaving back to Florida that evening) we where fighting some pretty annoying intermittent rain. The session was originally planned for much earlier in the day.. but slowly it got more and more postponed as we both compulsively checking the weather watching the rain keep coming.

Finally we just said..lets just do it!

I am a lover of the rain, and I feel like half of the sessions and weddings I have shot this year have been in the rain. Just as we had lost all hope for Harley's session, the sun peaked out and we where able to run around this old lovely forgotten farm, for unhindered 15 minuets! Whenever the storm came back we dashed to the old hay barns and farmhouses and enjoyed the incredibly moody light inside.

Harley is drop dead stunning on the inside and on the outside. Here lovely soul shined through her eyes and smiles, and he gorgeous hair was having to much fun on its own in the storm winds. OHH to have blue eyes and be part Native American(uh yasss)!! I had so much fun doing this session with her, and so glad she decided to trust me enough to venture out in the rain and storm to capture the excitement of completing high school! Not to mention she totally ended up looking like a Madewell/Free People add the whole day... so that made my dreams come true of some boho portraits in the hills of the blue ridges! Harley you already know, but ANYTIME you need more pictures, I will be there in like an instant(just don't get any wedding ideas yet, 'cause thats like 10 years down the road and your mum will kill me if I even mention taking your wedding pictures when your just graduated..)(stay single!..for now):P