The Halls | Intimate Summertime Sunset Elopement | Lido Key Fl

It's always been a dream of mine to capture an elopement wedding. Not often are they picturesque, but are rather filled with love and the no need for fuss. They are for the couples don't need anything but each other... and I think thats commendable and awe inspiring.

Often times we really do get caught up in the glitz and the glamor of it all, and have this vision that all weddings must look like they came out of Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine. (guess what theeeyyy don't need to)

And I am going to be real with you here:

They are stunning, and filled with details and emotions and happiness times 100 because it is a shared celebration with many many people whom love you and have watched you grow and it is literally the biggest event as a couple you will ever have. (takes a deep breath) They are memory making, dreamy days and your married to your best friend and its the BEST DAY EVER(insert hand written cake topper with these exact words here.)

But DUDE are they work. And by work I mean, stressful. The poor bride and groom and their closet companions have worked and cried and paid and planned and stressed(x1000) over this event to make it an amazing occasion for EVERYONE. Not just for themselves. But so that you, guest, family member and vendor alike would love this wedding. So for reals guys..thank your bride and groom after the event of the wedding, for making it such a blast not just for themselves, but for you too. I try my hardest to contact each of my couples after the big day and just give them and hug and tell them that was literally so worth the work they put in and they should feel proud!

 I speak from experience, as I plan my own wedding later this fall. So quickly does it become making sure everyone else has what they need(food, decor, a place to sit) that you forget that maybe you should consider what YOU really want. Just once and a while ya know...'cause it is YOUR wedding!:P

Now I am not one to tell you to not have a big wedding. Because I do love them, but I have been in the wedding world now for 6+ years so this isn't anything new to me. Planning my own just confirmed everything that I already knew. This is hard work. And it's not for everyone. 

So maybe the big "shing ding"..isn't your speed. Maybe you hate to plan, or ya know what its not worth the stress(cause its not) or the MONEY it takes to throw a big wedding. Maybe you don't need or want to celebrate with other people. And that is OK. I know a lot of people give these kinds of people a lot of grief, but as a gal with a smaller sized regular wedding and hates attention on her, I get you and I TOTALLY understand. So this post is not only dedicated to my couple The Halls, who literally contacted me a week before and said "you know what, we want to get married next week", but to all the other couples who did it in the courthouse, or on top of a mountain. Feel assured that at least one redhead out there sees the beauty in keeping it simple, and that all you need is that promise your making, an officiant and your best friend for life to have a wedding! 

Now to be honest with you I don't know a lot about the Halls, Megan + Rob, I met them quickly and with smiles on the day of their intimate wedding. They simply wanted to get married and start their new life together and join their families as one.

And they choose to do it quietly and beautifully, with only blood relatives and three vendors present. The wedding was officiated by Megan's mom, and they hand wrote their vows to each other. These two, got to step out of their hectic lives as doctors, where everything is about their patients and families, and celebrated a day about them. Everything was so beautiful and pulled together so quickly(in a week) by their day of coordinator.

The sun set over their simple dinner, and we watched a storm pass around us on the ocean, but never disturbed us or their happiness. It was a truly glorious day. Congrats to the Hall family on their lovely day, and may they have many many more years of love and joy!


Photography: Lead: Copper + Co. Photography-Ashley Watson

Second Photographer: Nadine Foreman

Venue: Limetree Beach Resort

Day of Coordinator : Deena Shannon Fleur de Lis Event

Rentals: Sarah Benham Copper Acorn