Canals Family | Summertime Beach Vacay | Anna Maria Fl

Who doesn't love some fun in the sun, especially in the middle of Floridas sweltering July heat? It's been a nice break from the killing humidity in the center of the state to venture to many different beaches all along Floridas coastlines, and as an anti beach girl..(I know the irony) I have slowly started to become reformed and to appreciate the beauty each one holds.

And the beauty of this beach was out shined by this lovey family that I hold near and dear to my heart. The Canals came to me with the desire to take family photos, with ALL the family, basically for the first time since the last siblings wedding. And even then with siblings volunteering in different countries(getting them all in the same place at once is a HUGE task), certain key family members weren't even in those photos,enter the littles..including soon to join the family Zoe!

 I love family portraits, coming from a close family myself, so getting to capture some more formal images of a family reunited for a fun summertime week long vacay on an ADORABLE island, sounded like a day well spent. That is was!