We have provided you with most comprehensive list we have yet. After a gathering of a year, the list is still growing. Did we miss one? If so let us know!


WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED? In Central Florida, though you can find us shooting all over the state of Florida any given day, but half of our years work tends to be out of state. We are super excited about out of state / out of country weddings. Our passports is ready to go!

DO YOU TRAVEL?  Yes! YES. Take US with you and we will make it worth your whileWE, LIVE EAT AND BREATH travel and adventure. Contact us for a custom quote today. We have been budget traveling for all our lives and know how to do it on low funds and in a backpack!

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN DOING THIS? We have been working the professional photography angle for 2 years now. Collectively we have over 15 years of photography knowledge.  Before that I(Ashley) was trained on film and pursuing photography personally. Someway or another, people kept asking us to shoot their moments professionally, so we took the hint, and joined the creatives in photography and haven't looked back!

WILL YOU HELP US OUT IF WE HAVE QUESTIONS? Yes. I don’t expect you to know everything. I also think it’s the responsibility of a good photographer to help out and educate. I’ll help you plan your day schedule, I’ll send you PDFs and stuff to think about and I’ll be there all along the way. This is a super important part of the process.

DO YOU HAVE A SECOND SHOOTER? Yep! There is three of us. All professional and efficient on our cameras. Tho only one of us has actually schooling on the photography trade (Tiffany) Though the youngest and most doubted by clients and peers, she is MIGHTY. The rest of us have attended online classes, mini workshops and I (Ashley) was trained hands on by two professional photographers throughout my child hood.

If Budgets are an issue tho....However  it's totally possible to work with just one photographer (Ashley) - if you want to save a little on costs, chat with me about potentially removing the second shooter! I’ll always give you my honest opinion after hearing about your day plans if I think it would be a benefit to you .I shoot 90% of my weddings solo and feel totally confident doing so!

WHAT KIND OF GEAR ARE YOU PACKING? We shoot with a variety of Nikon professional full frame cameras, lighting/ flashes and lenses, along with DJI and Sony video camera equipment, mic's and stabilizers. For a complete running list( it changes often so) if you need to know it(for whatever reason!) a complete write up in provided in all our pricing guides.


WHAT IS A PERSONAL PRINTING RELEASE? These are legally granted rights to create personal reproductions of our work together, with no qualifiers on which printing company you choose to work with. The studio retains the copyright - which basically means I will try to get your images in a print or online publication!

HOW LONG TILL WE GET OUR PHOTOS? The maximum turn around time is 4 weeks for wedding photos and 3 weeks for engagements. This is the max, and if we are running ahead of schedule you will get them ahead of schedule!

HOW MANY PHOTOS DO WE GET? The average 7 hour wedding day will yield a range of 400-800 finished images. The average 1 hour engagement session will yield a range of 70-100 images. This range is subject to many outside variables: weather, timeline, etc.

HOW WILL WE RECEIVE OUR PHOTOS? Wedding photos are delivered on a USB/ and or online curated gallery. Engagement sessions and other shoots are through an online gallery so you can download them as soon as I’m finished working, because sometimes being patient is the worst.

HOW AND WHEN SHOULD WE BOOK YOU? If I have the spot open, it’s yours! Typically weddings are booked anywhere from a few months out to a year and a half. You will want to get a deposit down on your wedding date anywhere from 6-8 months out. This doesn't mean that I am 100% booked up if it's closer than 6 months out, but it means there is a higher chance of your date already being booked. Fill out the contact form today to confirm if we are free for your date!

WHAT IS YOUR PAYMENT PROCESS LIKE? There's a 50% retainer deposit due at the time of signing, which reserves your date. From there,  there is one more payment before the big day, two weeks before the "I do's". I'm happy to work out custom payment plans as well.


UMMM, I’M LIKE SO BAD IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA... Do not fret. I think most people who see our images think, “oh my word, everyone she shoots is a pro!” Which is sometimes true. I have cool clients. But mostly this is due to being really comfortable with me while we’re shooting. I talk a ton; I tell you what I want and I won’t leave you hanging. I promise you won’t even worry about it five minutes into your engagement session. I’ll get you moving, talking and laughing. I want people to be themselves at a shoot and have a good time.- Ashley

UMM, SO WE DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO WEAR?! Thats just fine, we will help you plan EVERYTHING. From your personal style to your accessories( flowers or bow and arrow kinda gal). Colors, dress or skirt, pants or jeans, casual or formal. Don't worry, we got you.  

DO YOU BLOG EVERYTHING YOU SHOOT? No, we don’t blog every single wedding or other thing we shoot because we simply don’t have enough time to do that. We shoot a lot more than we blog, so it just depends! Our blog and portfolio are intended to give you a good idea of our style and instagram shows an overview of what we're up to if you want to follow along.

WHAT DO YOU CHARGE? I have a guideline to price a wedding that I think is fair. Every wedding includes an engagement session for us to get to know each other and all of your high resolution edited digital images. Get in touch with me and I’d be happy to send you more information!

Other sessions start at $150.

THIS ALL SOUNDS GOOD. NOW WHAT? Start by sending me a message with all the details! I’ll send you an email back. If you’d like to chat further, we’ll meet up for coffee, or appies and wine, or a facetime date. When you’re ready to book, I take a signed contract and retainer payment to secure a wedding date.

FAVORITE CANDY? We thought you'd never ask. ALL CANDY IS AWESOME. We don't discriminate against candy