Love + Soul


Welcome to Copper + Co.

We are Ashley and Ethan, newlyweds and best friends. We are passionate, love our art, as much as we love those whom we capture and those who we work with! We travel all over the Southern USA and all of United States capturing love, family and the little in-between moments that mean the most to our clients hearts and speak to their souls.

We aim to be refined, with a dash of raw and organic authenticity, to create purposeful images that emulate the original film images of the past, and to keep them forever timeless and meaningful.


We Believe

-in the precious little spontaneous moments that no one else notices

- that love is POWERFUL

- that everyone is photogenic..for we are all special

- in true organic emotions, colors + feelings

- that loving your pictures, starts with being good friends

-that together we will always create amazing stories

-that everyone deserves amazing imagery and storytelling

-that its in the simple things

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