Chris + Sarah | Rainy Day Enchanting Engagement | Lake Wales + Downtown Winter Park

To say Sarah and Chris are not some of my favorite people..well that would be a lie. 

I meet these two lovely lovebirds at a wedding early this spring, where they both where a bridesmaid and groomsmen. Their love and positive personalities where contagious and they made the wedding day along with everyone else in the bridal party an extremely enjoyable day(that weddings blog is coming soon :)

After this wedding, Chris pulled me sneakily aside, and asked me for my contact details..for he was set to propose to Sarah in a few months..and was planning quite the day. 

Fast forward a few months and I get a call from Chris. In which at that point me and Sarah H(videographer and close personal friend see her work here) became part of a intricate plan for Sarah Sues engagement. 

Needless to say she said yes...and we captured on camera and on film. What an awesome surprise day that was...and just the start of my relationship with Sarah and Chris #onemoorebell

So with all things Chris LOVES EPIC...epic proposal, epic ring, epic love and came to me with plans for EPIC engagement session. BUT of course dumb FL. It decided that rain was the plan of the day. In my very humble opinion tho... I think the rain really brought the epic and the amazing enchanting feel of their vibe to their pictures. Starting at the epic Bok Towers in a true James Bond + Gal style attire, to bring some serious sophistication to the Spain Styled gardens. Then a long jog over to Downtown Winter Park for a more modern and hipster classic feel for their more casual side.

The day was a huge adventure and these are the clients we live for... who go all out and want to make a memory and celebrate love in a big way.

Their wedding countdown is on my wall and I CANNOT WAIT!

Until then enjoy their beauty and handsomeness 'cause you guys brought it.