Clients Words



Rylee Folk



I couldn't pick one. I had to pick two. (My apologies.) I love the one of the dock, because of the scenery. There's just so much to look at. & the second one- I'm from the country. So this just fits me. An old red wood barn, the love of my life- & that smile that melts me away. It's the perfect picture that will be on my phone background and up on the wall indefinitely. 

Thank you so much.



My fiancé found you and loved your work, so we chose you! I would say our style is a mixture of modern, rustic, romantic, and classic. We went to a countryside farm where there was a pond and fall leaves everywhere. What I loved was how comfortable it was. Never did I feel that there was a photographer there. Just a real good friend. Time frame couldn't have been more perfect and arrival of images blew my mind. Unbelievable work! 

Thank you so much



Savannah Hatmaker

I'd say me & Ry's style is a mixture of modern, classic, with a little romantic chabby chic. Was that enough of them combined? Haha. 

Ashely and her sister Tiff came up to us to do the session- we live in SC. They were so sweet, easy to talk to and get along with right off the bat! We did most of our pictures at a friends property, but I swear we used every aspect of that property haha. They made us laugh, helped me not fall, & ate tacos with us afterwards! It was perfect!

I loved how sweet they both were, & how even though we had really just met it's like we had known them forever. Ashley was great at making us feel comfortable and making us laugh to get those perfect candid photos! She also was open to all ideas we had and made sure to find us the perfect wispy field! & Tiffany was the perfect behind the scenes girl. Between setting up blankets, taking the cutest polaroids, & putting together the perfect fern bouquet. We took pictures literally all day, like a lot of pictures haha. So we received them within 3 weeks & got about 500 pictures I believe. We were so excited! They were all so good it was hard to pick which were our favorite!

Thank you so much again for capturing us and our relationship. You did better than we could have dreamed and we are so thankful for it!


The West Family

Having been behind the camera for more than my fair share of photo sessions, I know what kind of work goes into taking family photos, particularly with two rambunctious little ones, and someone who doesn't enjoy being in front of the lens (ahem. That's me.)

Despite these obstacles, Copper + Co delivered a session that was fun, comfortable, and results that I will treasure and share for years to come. I can't say enough good things about the session and the photos that came from it. 

Five stars aren't enough.



Ok where do I start? I can just remember thinking wow they are gorgeous the first time we met you all. We have enjoyed getting to know you all especially from our family photo session. A good photographer takes wonderful pictures, but a great photographer not only takes wonderful pictures but connects with their clients and captures their essence even when they make that task very difficult. I see you guys as the latter of course.

   Not only do we absolutely love our photos but we enjoyed the process and you can see that in the outcome. You were able to capture genuine expressions even while we were unsure of what to do as well as get the best photos of a rambunctious one year old I've ever seen. 

  I love the park scene you helped us choose it was perfect for us. We like earth tones and being one with nature, the park was also ideal for our toddler so she would enjoy herself as well. I had no idea what I really wanted but you were a big help with your dress and grooming guidelines and other expertise you offered us. You were very timely in responding to me and very professional and friendly.

   Oh boy were we excited to receive our photos. I was so nervous I would look insane in all of them but you managed to capture those little moments in between my crazy. Your timing was impeccable. We got a sneak peak within 24 hours and our photos within the week. I love that you give a sneak peak what a great taste and tease for what was to come. I will definitely use you guys in the future and would highly recommend you. 

 Thanks so much Copper and Company, and a job well done.

Yours Friends,

Bryce, Kristen, and Aria Richter

Nicole Farkas

You have no idea what this means for myself & David. You captured such an important moment in our lives. The way you captured it was so beautiful, you have a very key eye and a God given talent with photography. I am so forever thankful for you.